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Front Load Services

Front Load trucks service customers in both commercial and light industrial settings for waste and recycling removal. Our top-quality Front Load Containers are leak-proof and available in various sizes to accommodate all customers’ requirements. We can also custom-design containers to meet a customer’s specific needs.


  • Commercial, industrial construction
  • Oil and gas


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Temporary Residential

We provide flat or sloped front bin lids, lids and locks upon request, GPS enabled, RFID tags to track service, custom containers available in sizes of 3 to 8 cubic yards. Derrick Disposal is your local call for front load disposal services. Contact us here for general inquiries or click here to request a custom quote.

Roll Off Services

Roll off services are utilized for large volumes of waste and recycling, and are primarily for construction, demolition, commercial & industrial companies and environmental remediation programs.

Permanent • Industrial • Oil & Gas • Residential Construction

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Asbestos & other special handling
  • Remodeling or Renovation
  • Cleanup from a Fire or Flood
  • Large Household Cleaning Projects
  • Apartment Building Maintenance
  • Business and Warehouse Maintenance
  • Asbestos and other Special Wastes
  • Residential Cleanup

Derrick Disposal offers lidded containers in sizes of 12, 30 and 40 yards. We also provide containers in sizes of 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 or 40 yards. Derrick Disposal is your local call for roll off disposal services. Contact us here for general inquiries or click here to request a custom quote.

Temporary Fencing Services

We pride ourselves on the professional set-up of our fencing. For job-site security or crowd control, our courteous and dependable staff will deliver/set-up and remove/take-down modular fence panels for any size and type of area.

Temporary Fencing Applications

  • Construction sites
  • Renovation & Demolition
  • Seasonal Retail Enclosures
  • Special Events such as Outdoor Concerts and Festivals
  • Crowd and Traffic Control
  • Dog Runs
  • New Home Construction

We provide temporary fencing for a variety of applications in 4, 6 or 8 feet in height. 2 foot panels available to be added to 8 foot to create 10 foot height. Derrick Disposal is your local call for temporary fencing services. Contact us here for general inquiries or click here to request a custom quote.

Portable Toilet Services

Portable Toilet units provide services that include delivery, cleaning, and removal of Standard, Accessible & Heated Portable Toilets from site. Whether it is a long-term construction project, a community event with hundreds of thousands of patrons, or a backyard wedding, Derrick Disposal ensures our toilets are deep-cleaned and sanitized to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our customers.

Portable & Heated Toilets – Construction

Based on weekly service we recommend: 1 toilet / 10 workers on site.
*Note: For every 1-10 females on site, an additional toilet is required.

Portable & Heated Toilets – Special Events – up to 200,000+

As a guideline from the Alberta Public Health Act General Sanitation Regulation, determine the minimum required number of portable toilets according to the number of people you expect at your event.

Number of Persons/th> Minimum Number of Portable Toilets
1-25 1
Number of Persons of Each Sex Males Female
26-50 1 2
51-75 2 3
76-100 2 4
101-156 3 5
151-200 4 6
201-300 5 7
301-400 6 8
Over 400 7 + 1 for each additional 200 9 + 1 for each additional 150
Derrick Disposal is your local call for portable standard, accessible and heated toilet services. Contact us here for general inquiries or click here to request a custom quote.

Septic & Water Services

Derrick Disposal offers septic and water services to residential, industrial, and commercial customers.

Commercial • Industrial • Residential

  • Industrial & Residential Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Skid Steer / Equipment Services
  • Sand Filter And Mound Septic Systems
  • Well, Cistern Pump And Pressure Systems
  • Cistern Cleaning, Potable Water Delivery
  • Commercial & Industrial Holding Tanks And Washcars
  • Vacuum And Water Truck Services
  • Septic Maintenance Contracts Industrial & Residential
  • High Pressure Water Jetting

Derrick Disposal is your local call for septic and water services. Contact us here for general inquiries or click here to request a custom quote.

Special Events Services

Our Events division specializes in excellent customer service for all special events. As a “one stop shop”, we provide many services needed for any special event, big or small. Portable Toilets, Waste bins, Potable Water & Septic Services, small portable waste toters, Temporary Fencing, and more. We can also cater to any customer requests to make the event custom to your needs.

Our Event Supervisor/Coordinator, Monica Zerbin, adds the unique benefit of being on site during all events & being the direct liaison for all operations to ensure all needs are met and the event service is held to the highest standard.
Derrick services most of the small and large local events in Edmonton & area and has been given high praise for going above &